Mad Beanz! Mad Beanz! is a hip, edgy and hilarious adventure series set in Boston’s underground music scene. The series combines the mystery of the X-files, the urban tunes of Gorillaz and the action and teen angst of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This modern adaptation of the Greek myth tells the story of Pandora, a selfish teen who releases a gang of evil beans intent on causing destruction. Pandora must struggle to overcome the beans along with her own flaws to save Bean Town.

Supa Pirate Booty Hunt! Supa Pirate Booty Hunt is the hit online animated series that follows the raunchy and hilarious adventures of Captain Zack Stevers and his sidekick Daniel the turtle as they travel the seven seas in search of…what else, booty! Viewers everywhere have laughed at the pirate’s failed pick-up lines and eternal determination to find love

Aunt Minnie Spy Mama Don’t be deceived by all her wrinkles cause she’s a weapon that’s quite lethal! Aunt Minnie, Spy Mama! She’s the sweet little old lady who runs the neighborhood sweet shop but when there’s trouble the shop converts into her secret hi-tech spy lair and this butt-kicking super secret agent gives all the bad guys the spanking they deserve!

Client Projects

Sule and The Case of The Tiny Sparks
In a young African girl’s quest to learn the meaning of the proverb – Great Fires Erupt form Tiny Sparks – she seeks guidance from the proverb detective, Sule.Sule and The Case of The Tiny Sparks is an amazing and wonderful project with a humanitarian message inspired by Nelson Mandela, set in one of the most beautiful continents in the world.

Bustice Meet Bustice, a hardworking super heroine who spends all of her days helping out people in need! Thank you, Bustice!


SuperHero Summer Fest Alhambra! JUNE 15th 2019 POP ROCK STAGE @ RENAISSANCE PLAZA!

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