The Smorgasbord Productions Animation Collaboration is an educational classroom experience that trains beginning to advanced artists while creating original animated properties that reward participants with industry experience, credits, film festival awards and the possibility of on-going paid jobs in the industry!  Everyone is invited to pitch their original project and the class votes on the project they will create together as a team! This program is for recent graduates, junior animators, students and professionals.

Dear Animation Enthusiast,
As an active animation producer with my own studio I worked with many recent animation school graduates and saw an alarming and growing gap between what schools were teaching their students and what studios required entry level artist to know.  I took on many recent graduates as interns that I had to re-train from the ground up.  I became increasingly disheartened to see students pouring thousands of dollars into education courses that did not prepare them for jobs and then to see those students unemployed after school.  When I took a teaching position at a prominent university I thought I would be able to change the system but instead I was forced to stick to the old ways.

The Smorgasbord Studios Animation Collaboration 12-week course is more than a class, it is the first step in a career.  Beginning to advanced animation artists contribute as a full participant in a studio project from beginning to end.  They learn their craft and how to collaborate as part of a team while pitching and producing a product that will provide them credited work, an impressive portfolio, film festival awards and the opportunity for ongoing paid work in the industry.

Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy

This program is for recent graduates, junior animators, or students looking for the last phase of their education- production experience.  Professionals looking to switch career tract or who have projects they are looking to bring to life are also encouraged to apply. This program is great for anyone looking for the push to create!
We will be created 2D Animation primarily using Adobe Flash.  Although some 3D applications may be used for environments.
In Smorgasbord Productions’ Pasadena, California studio participants will participate in a 12-week intensive training and production course with other aspiring storytellers to bring a real animation project to life!
Studios no longer offer on-the-job training.  Learning comes from doing.  When looking for work what school you graduated from doesn’t matter and all employers care about is what is on your reel or your imdb (Internet Movie Database) credits page.
Past students have contributed to web series, television, features, screening at top festivals earning imdb credits on shows and networks including ABC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, G4 Attack of the Show, TBS, Comedy Central and gone on to get paid jobs working for Smorgasbord Productions Studios as well as other prominent animation and video game studios in the area.
You will receive individualized one-on-one attention from seasoned animators and artists.  You will work in a production environment catered to you and receive hands-on training on a real project that will provide you a work sample and credit that will launch your career.

You will receive:
-12 weeks of development and training in a real studio
– Over 12 hour of lecture/instruction
– A role in a professional animation studio pipeline
– Guest Artists revealing insights into the workings of the animation industry and career advice
– A Completed Animation Project along with industry credits, the possibility of awards and future employment and revenue
Initially, we are limiting the Animation Collaboration to 10 participants. To be considered please complete and email the following information to  You do not need to have any prior animation experience, just a passion to learn.  The class will be adjusted to accommodate the participants.
1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Training In Animation (if any):
4. Main Interests/ Career Goals (Character Design, Environments, 2D/3D Animation, etc.):
5. Do you have an Animation Project (approximately 1 to 4 minutes in length) you would be interested in pitching and producing as part of the Animation Collaboration?
6. Links to Animation Work Samples or Portfolio:
7. Do you currently own a version of Adobe Flash CS5 or higher? Do you have access to a computer, ideally a laptop that you can bring to class?  If you do not have a computer we will rent you a computer for the 12 weeks course that you can take home.
8. Classroom meetings will be in our Burbank classroom by the Animation Guild
Tuesday 7pm to 10pm    – Thursday 7pm to 10pm   – Sundays 1pm to 4pm  –Other
9. How much time during the week do you have available to work on animation assignments? Typically we recommend having a minimum of 4 hours a week to work on assignments between classes.
Feel free to include any additional information about yourself you feel is relevant or ask any questions.
Instructor: Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy
No Application Fee. Each 3-hour class is $75. Total cost of 12-week course is $900.